Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My daughter finally had her tonsils taken out. # years of fighting with dr's telling them there was something wrong with her tonsils because they were swollen and them telling me I'm WRONG that her tonsils were normal. The last time she was sick I took her to see her doctor and told him she was constantly sick. He asked one question, "does she snore?" Like a mack truck rumblin down the street with a flat tire. He said her adenoids and tonsils needed to come out. Referred her to a ENT specialist he took one look at her tonsils and said they need to come out. Made an appointment for her. She had it yesterday. She came through like a champ. The doctor came out after he was done (20 minutes later) and said her tonsils and adenoids were HUGE!!! Hmmmm Seems like once again I was right. I've come to the conclusion the Doctors don't really care about their patients unless they have lots of cash or private insurance. I have medic-aid for my kids and no one wanted to help them. Their new doctor totally is awesome. Anyhow, she pulled through just fine she's not feeling tooo horrible (her throat hurts but she's got energy up the wazoo) trying to eat whatever she can but having a hard time swallowing the soft foods she is allowed. She's such a trooper.

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