Friday, March 5, 2010

Las Vegas Unemployment and Jobs not available... or are they?

I have applied to many restaurants out here, and other places as well, but I get no call backs for interviews or an email stating I'm not qualified enough. I have plenty of experience in different types of jobs but, it doesn't seem to be enough.

I'm not the only one out of work, and I'm not the only one getting no response from the places that claim to be hiring either. But when I see an ad for a bartender who needs to send in a head shot, or server who needs to send a full body shot, that's discrimination. I realize Nevada is a right to work state, but it is also and equal opportunity state as well... or so they say. Here are a few links to the craigslist ads people are posting about their experiences looking for work:

All these people have applied for the jobs that are constantly being re-posted daily, sometimes twice daily, and I know I've applied for the same ones and I know I AM a highly qualified candidate, so why aren't we getting an interview? I'm a hard worker with an awesome personality, that in the serving industry is no too harsh or overtly sweet, but I am 5'6" 220lbs and a plain Jane. I am not Hooter's Girl quality in looks, and I'm not a ditzy 21 year-old who will let some under-sized man with a napoleon complex feel me up. I've been to the rodeo a time or two and am the type of person who wouldn't put up with crap from perverted lonely men to have a job.

There are jobs out there, but only for the girls who are hot, it's not really if you're qualified enough, it's weather or not you would make good eye candy for the male customers they're trying to attract. But I can tell you this, ANY customer who gets crap service (weather or not your hot) isn't going to tip.

The following are ads that have been re-posted over and over again, and they are ridiculous:

So the moral is, if you want a job, you better get some work done.