Friday, August 31, 2012

President Obama, I support you.

I support President Obama. I have my reasons. But I have to open this to Mitt Romney as well.

Mitt, America is my country, I was born here, I don't question whether or not my President was born here, but I DO question the person who is running for President what they have to hide when they REFUSE to share more than 2 years of tax returns with the country. Your own father said that two years could be a fluke and that anyone not willing to release at least ten years worth of tax returns has something to hide. George Romney would be ASHAMED to call you his son. And to try and USE your wife's illnesses as a way to gain sympathy is ridiculous. For Shame Romney.

By the way, America is NOT a business, we are a country! You are claiming you are going to run this country like a business, you mean like those businesses you closed down and sent good American jobs overseas? Yeah that is NOT what this country needs. We need to tax companies for sending jobs overseas, and companies need to start providing AFFORDABLE insurance for their employees. Why do I have to pay $400 a month to cover my family with health insurance when I only make $1600 a month? How am I supposed to support a family of four on only $1200 a month?

You and Ryan are completely out to lunch. It is to bad you have never gotten a real dose of reality in your life. You back-pedal worse than Lindsey Lohan on a good day. That's ok though, Mr. Romney, because the American people can see through your lies and falsehoods, down to the real you, the one not right for running a business, let alone our great country. Even if I had a gun to my head to not vote Obama, I still wouldn't vote for you. I'd write in a vote... better yet, I'd vote for Roseanne Barr before I would EVER vote for you.