Thursday, May 24, 2012

I don't have to stalk people when they give information to my friends

Apparently my older brother who's "gay" and has "AIDS" and is "dying" has posted a blog about me. Awww, how sweet. Apparently I stalk him and don't have a GED or go to school now while working full time, and I'm a liar and deceptive and filled with venom and hate for him. Awww, sorry bro, but whoever reads your blog doesn't know the real you, or the fact that you're a convicted child molester, or the fact that you stole money from your dying mother's bank account because you and dad have the same name and his name was still attached to the account AFTER he died. I bet you thought the money was rightfully yours as you are the "oldest" son of dad's, which is a lie. Why is it a lie? Because dad had three other son's besides you, Jimmy and the twins (with another woman). Or at least this is what I have been told by dad (before he died) and his family and mom too. Go ahead call your dead parents liars, I dare you.

I do not falsely claim to be working on my BSN, I am in school now for my Pre-nursing degree at Pierce College in Washington. Once I obtain that I will apply for every ADN (that's an Associates Degree in Nursing in case you're wondering) program in the state of Washington. After I complete that I will apply for every BSN (Bachelors of Science and Nursing FYI) in the country. My grades are good, not great, but hey I work full-time and am raising two kids with my husband, and yes we were legally married by our pastor and friend at City of Light Community Church in Federal Way WA. I don't have to lie about things that are true. I don't ask for help anymore, my so-called siblings and aunt cured me of that. I rely only on my husband and myself to get where I am going. after I asked them for help, they go around spreading lies about me telling people who I thought were friends just enough to make them (my sibs and aunt) look like angels and me look like a conniving, evil bitch who spews venom and hate.

The sad thing is, I don't hate them, I feel pity for them. They feel they have to lie to cover up the bad things they do so they can hopefully make people see them as really good people. I'm the black sheep because I didn't spend my life sponging off of my parents (as if they would have had anything to offer me after three of my sibs drained them dry) and because I won't buy into their bull-shit. Oh well, God knows what's in everyone's heart, and I don't have to worry about me, I just will continue to pray for my siblings and aunt and hope they find God soon. Life is too short to waste on trash, that's why I choose not to worry about them. I only wrote this blog to set the record straight. I do not lie because I don't have to.

So Larry, if you're reading this, stop lying to people about your condition, even your sister Sue said that IF you actually have HIV you've only had it a couple of years. Matty said you refused to have safe sex with him (that's the guy you were abusive with) and I can validate my education with grades and transcripts, can you? I want all of you to leave me alone and stop spreading lies about me. I do hear about it from other people you know. I don't have to stalk anyone's blog to find out. I don't even follow your sisters blog anymore, because none of you are worth wasting my time over. I'll live my life, you go live what's left of yours.