Monday, February 8, 2010

Jackson Hewitt is NOT the place to go to get your taxes done anymore

So I went to Jackson Hewitt to get my taxes done because they have always been good to me. Well this year they switched banks so they no longer do instant refunds or next day, you HAVE to wait 72 hours, or so I was told. Well it has been 97 hours since my taxes were done and they are now telling me that Saturday and Sunday do NOT count as days anymore. Really? SO, now I HAVE to wait till tomorrow. I was completely IRATE so I was glad to tell the several people waiting to do their taxes to go to Check City or H&R Block to do their taxes where they will get their money back when they are told that they will. The Jack (that's what I call people who are jack a$$e$ to me) in the office then decides to yell at me about how wrong it was for me to cause them to lose several customers. I told them it was wrong of them to lie to me and tell me 72 hours when it is going to take 120 hours. If my money is not there tomorrow, I will be sitting outside their offices till I have to go to school and tell people to go somewhere else to get their taxes done. And will do so everyday till I get my money.


  1. Good For You!! Wes does ours with turbo tax. we have not done them yet, i was denied my daycare license due to Wes having been adjudicated as a minor for burglary an offense which if it had been done when he was over 18 would be considered a felony. Of course all we need to do is have it expunged and then i am not sure the process but this incident happened in 1985. it is so silly but i already filed my appeal and he already contacted the lawyer to have it expunged and we will see what happens next.

  2. yeah when that pan busted it scared the shit out of me!! we all did laugh i was so embarrassed i just was thinking like i do when i clean stainless steel, oh well.