Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life is funny

So the world was supposed to end yesterday at 6pm... seeing as we are all still here today, I don't think that horrible prediction came true. the guy who made this prediction, made it years before too. And when they day came and went last time, he said he got his math wrong. I feel sorry for the idiots who bought into his crap and gave him all their worldly goods (especially money) because he did this just to make money. he is not a "prophet" and those that believe in him as one should get their money taken from them.

Side note... My "sister" stopped following my blog and removed me as one of her followers, she probably also blocked me from being able to see any posts as well cause whatever she is spewing is crap anyways. For someone supposedly trying to get clean she sure does act like an addict who doesn't want to hear the truth about herself or her family because that would make her a bad person... well she is a bad person, and a bad mother, I know how she is raising my nieces now and it is awful. She is more worried about herself and how everyone sees her and her family that she is basically acting like a frickin prison guard and treating her home like a prison. I blame her boyfriend for this, but hey who am I to lay blame? My sister has always been attracted to the worng kind of guy and he's probably just another asshole like the one she was with for so long that tried to rape me when I was twelve... but HE was her "true love" and she didn't want to lose him... idiot.

My other "sister" is just plain crazy so we won't talk about her, besides that I love my niece to much to say shit about her right now.

I have true sisters though, and they have always been there for me through thick and thin. They also send words of encouragement and truly care about me and my family and we're not even related by blood. That's what makes life so funny, you go through the first part of your life believing in your blood family and they turn out to be complete shits. Then one day when you least expect a group of people, or even just one person here and there, come into your life and take you into their arms and call you sister, daughter, and friend, and they treat you how you've always been told family would and that's when you realize that sometimes God makes mistakes, but in the end, he always fixes them and puts things right.

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