Friday, May 27, 2011

My long term goals

I am doing well. Actually better than that, I am very blessed. I have family who loves me (Carol, David, Katrina, Vincent, Taryn, and Scott) friends who give moral support and encouragement from miles and miles away (the Yaya's and all my FB buddies) and I am in school working on my degree. I had a negative nelly tell me I couldn't overload my credits for the summer... guess what? I got my extra class. Now they're saying that I won't pass it because the teacher is a jack who just gives you the work and doesn't help you with it... guess what, I will not only pass the class, I'll ace it, and do you know why? Because I hate it when people tell me I can't. My family always told me I can't do this or I can't do that, and for years I listened, I believed that when they said I wasn't smart enough, or pretty enough, or good enough. Well I don't listen any more. I believe in myself and my abilities. I am smart enough, I am good enough, and dammit I am pretty. I may not be movie star gorgeous, but I look good when I put the effort forth to do more than just brush my hair. Anyhow, I plan on being done with over two years of pre-req's by the end of next summer. I'm on track with that so far which is good for me. I am blessed and I say thank you to all who have been there for me and made me realise just how good I really am.

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  1. It's great that you are not listening anymore and you know how good you are.

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