Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"family" that is all

I was responding to a status update my niece posted on her facebook page about wrapping herself in a positive bubble to achieve her dreams. My idiot sister, her mom, posted on there how I was screwed up and everyone says I need mental help including the woman who "tried" to treat me as her daughter. This is the same woman who is mentally unbalanced (as are most in my family) and yea I might need therapy to get through the crap my family did to me my whole life, but I am in no way as mentally fucked up as my siblings are. I thank God everyday for the fact that I am not an idiot, or a crack whore, or bi-polar, and anything else that is wrong with my siblings. I only hope that my niece's and nephews find a way out of there without being screwed up by their parents. I feel sorry for my niece's and nephew's who are still stuck with crazy, psychotic people for parents and If I could do it, I'd have them taken from their parents and placed in a home like my older niece was, loving caring and with people who are able to PROPERLY care for them and aren't psychotic.

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