Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vindication at school!

Today we were supposed to learn all about a uniformed layer (aka 90 degree angle) cut. Our teacher was trying to show us but the same people were all, "That's too hard, I don't get it." I wanted to say, "You know what? If you shut your GD mouths for more than 30 sec at a time, you might actually hear what the teacher is trying to teach us." Did I... uh-uh, no way man, NOT my job.

So after break we came back to try and get it done but since NO ONE in class was able to pay attention because of a few kids who can't shut their yaps (I personally tune everything out when they start talking cause it's all stupid to me), none of us really got the concept. So what happened? The teacher went off on the class as a whole. Ok... I didn't appreciate it being turned on me ( I sit in the front row so I can actually learn something) but I did like the fact that she got the point across to Miss That's-too-hard. Maybe now she'll listen and actually do something rather than be a negative Nelly and a disruption when everyone else seems to want to learn.

Now we're going to have a test tomorrow on the parts of the head (i.e. where is the Apex, where is the Occipital Bone) AND the FIVE basic haircuts. Oh JOY! But I am glad that the talkers and the disruptors got what they deserved. It was about time. Now I am off to bed, because I gotta be up early to take my oldest to school, and then study for my test next week and tomorrow. Oh wondrous rapture.

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