Monday, February 15, 2010

Trouble Makers are gone... Stuck in Elevator for 30 minutes

Ok so on Thursday I went to talk to the dean, and he turned me away, but told me he was on it. We're in class 15 minutes and told to go on break early. Ok, so me and my friends get on the elevator and Javie tells seven other students to get on cause he didn't want to make them wait for the elevator. So in total there were 11 of us on the elevator and the elevator decided it wasn't going anywhere, and it wasn't going to let us of either. We were stuck on the damn thing for 30 minutes! I blame Javie for it. LOL. When we were rescued we were informed that the trouble makers were no longer in our class. I so hope that this resolves any further issues. Gotta go get ready for school now.

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