Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Test Number 2 for beauty school

I aced it yet again. Woo hoo! With ONLY a 94 this time, not the highest in the class but not bad for not reading the chapter. ;)

Today, we started reading chapter 8 Design Decisions in class. Did we get through it? No. Why you ask? Well, for pretty much the same reason every time we do theory in class. We were interrupted by someone who does not take the class seriously. This same person failed last weeks test TWICE, AND failed this weeks test too! After we took the test we only had 30 minutes till break to do theory, which is understandable, but after TWO minutes of the teacher trying to go through the chapter, this kid is all, "I don't want to read about hair cutting and designing I just want to do it"... seriously?

I am SO sick of these kids ruining our class by whining and crying about how HARD it is to learn it all, and then do a 180 and say that this is NOT a college. WTF?!?!?! Seriously? Hello? Anyone home? Do you not know that the school we attend is an ACCREDITED school? That means your credits count for college. OMG I am SO ready to smack some sense into these kids. But do I? No, because it wouldn't do me any good, and would just cause me more trouble than it would be worth. So I bite my tongue for the rest of class and bitch about it when I get home to my spouse, and my blogging community. LOL.

Ohhh, I got my nails done today, and they look f-ing HOT! I love my nail lady. :)

Going to bed now cause I'm going to have to hound Jackson Hewitt tomorrow for my money. >:} Mwuahahahahaha

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