Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Issues with troublemakers at school

So, I go to class today hoping for things to be different. Nope, not at all. First of all we're supposed to be reading the second part in chapter 8 cause our teacher is in a meeting. Those girls couldn't shut their yaps so I couldn't concentrate. I had to put on my headphones and still was only able to read the first couple of pages. When our teacher was there, they started off on how they were having trouble reading the second part cause they never read the first (which we tried to do on Monday and yesterday but they kept interrupting). Another girl spoke up about it and said that we all need to wear our big girl pants (meaning we all need to act like the adults that we're supposed to be), and Big-Mouth had to act out like she doesn't get it and starts talking crap about the other girl. OMG what, are we still in f-ing high school. They continued to harrass her and her friend as well me and another student and our teacher. They were totally disrespectful, didn't do the practical they were supposed to do, and continued to talk smack about those of us who actually take the class seriously. It was getting so bad that I had to stop my practical work and put it away because I couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing. The other girls and I decide we're going to talk to our teacher and see if we can't do a write up on them to the dean/administrator of the school. They start getting even more rude and irate cause we tell them exactly what we're doing, and they have the NERVE to get upset about it. Asked us what our problem was and we told them then they start yelling at us as we walked out of the room calling us names. We walked right into our teacher and they came after us like they were going to start a fight. We told them that we weren't going to be fighting them, just that we had an issue with them and were going to take it up with our teacher. They tried to act all innocent, and that's when I spoke up and told them, "this is why she said we all needed to be wearing our big girl pants because you guys are acting like 5 year olds." That's when big mouth came at me like she was gonna hit me and said, "You already wearing them bitch, cause you so fat that's all you can wear." I can't wait to speak with our dean/administrator tomorrow. I am not spending 20K dollars to go to school to not learn anything because these spoiled little kids can't grow the f up. That is all.

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