Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beauty School and Me

So this past Monday we had our first test. It was on Trichology. Trichology is the study of hair. Our teacher was very ill for two days so we had a sub on Monday. Who allowed the kids (and yes I mean kids) to run kinda wild and do as they pleased. These little buggers were all, "We can't concentrate cuz it's too quiet, can we turn on some music for the test?" Seriously? Are you f-ing kidding me? I did 100 questions in 20 minutes and only got 6 wrong. I also received the highest score in the class of a 94, the next highest was lil miss One-Upper with a 91 (I call her one-upper cuz anything that's happened to you she's had done better or worse to her) and my friend CSI (she is a forensic tech for metro) got a 90. I was glad to have our instructor back on Wednesday. Most of the class failed their test, and admitted it was probably due to be distracted by the music, and more than half of the re-testers failed when they had to make up the test on Thursday. Most of these kids are not taking this class seriously, but I sure as hell am. I want to own my own salon in 4 years. Gotta go study now, another test this Monday on Salon Ecology. :)

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