Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Beginnings

I start a new beginning this week. Tomorrow I officially become a cosmetology student. I will learn the art of hair design, nails, and esthetician. It is only part time and I have to complete an 1800 hour course. Doing it part time means it will take me 22 months. I am ready for this. I need this, want it and will have it by 11/11. I will work hard to become the best at this craft. I will start off my career in a salon owned by someone else, and withing 5 years hope to own my own salon wherever I want to in this world. I am very excited.I will post my progress as I progress.

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  1. hey there , thanks for stopping by and catching up on my blog. i see you are at an exciting new time in your life, how exciting, oh and when i said my sister wasn''t speaking it was the other sister not you, those two are still going at it like a pack of rabid wolves at times, you would be impressed my your older sister and how she is trying to change in her life, baby steps mind you but they are. hey it is jimmy's birthday i was going to give him a call today. he is getting old Wes is going in to have an x-ray on his appendix this morning it has been bothering him for few days now so we are a little worried there. Adrianna is an official candidate to become a west point cadet. she is so excited, Amanda is going to Afghanistan in May, Steven is in jail of course,Haley has MRSA for the 2nd time i think she got it from my sisters house, she still doesn't keep it clean as i would like but even the walls need to be fixed in that house, she is still in the house mom lived in and the old paint job is falling off and the walls need major work so i don't know when the girls will be going back plus there is damage on her ceiling from the roof leaking. i am waiting for licensing on my daycare and Wes is going for his masters degree so we are pretty busy around here as well. his job is paying for his schooling so we aren't out any money with that anyway it is good to here from you thanks for stopping by hope to talk to you soon, take care of those gorgeous babies of yours!!