Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor Swift Vs. Beyonce` Video and Kanye West

Seriously, from everything I have read so far about the VMA Awards show and Kanye West's behaviour, what I have to say is just adding my two sense. I love Beyonce`'s Music and Taylor's as well, I have what you would call an eclectic taste in music. But seriously folks, for that jack to get up on stage and upstage a seventeen year old girl who, 1. writes most all of her own music and has since like the age of 12, 2. helped to produce that music video herself, and 3. sings like an angel (my opinion mind you), shows not only how ignorant he really is, but how low his self esteem must be. He needs to not only issue a public apology to Taylor AND Beyonce` for his poor behavior, but to his dearly departed mother who is more than likely turning in her grave as we speak knowing how asinine her son really is to trample on a young girl's big night like that.

Now for the real deal of this blog... the music video's.

Okay so Taylor won for best female music video and Beyonce` won for best video of the year... kudos to both. Here is my issue. So many out there in their blogs are raving about Beyonce`'s "Single Ladies" and I must admit right now that I had not seen either music videos till this very morning (like 20 minutes ago) but I saw nothing special about it. To me it was a very lazily done video. She had a great song, don't get me wrong, but the video, sucked. Maybe I am showing my age... (lol) but in my day, music videos told the story of the song. I like when they do that. Maybe all those horny men looking for teasing porn would like this video (even if they don't admit that they are looking for porn) but in my opinion three leotard clad women in high heels, dancing around a blank stage and slapping their asses, is not a music video.

Taylor's "You Belong with Me" shows the story. You see it from beginning to end, and it touches you (and no not in that pervy way sicko's get your dang heads out of the gutter) and it's romantic. Yes I am the queen of sap, just ask my hubby. Taylor's video not only deserved the win, but also deserved more kudos and respect from those who diss it for being country.

You can agree, or disagree as you like, but if you become foul or rude, or act like Kanye West in any way shape or form, your comment will be deleted. Just fair warning. Love to all out there, Live long and Prosper...(lol) and all that jazz! PEACE!

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