Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Change is a coming

New quarter of school starts in one week. Yay! A lot of changes have happened in just 6 months time. After being homeless for two years, I got an apartment. My family and I finally have some security. My husband is going to his fifth quarter of school while I am entering my seventh quarter.

Work is going good. I am working all over right now. I got a promotion in July, then my store was closed for a complete rebuild. Unfortunately the position I held at my old store was already filled so they made me a book floater. Basically means I go to all the stores and do their books when they need me to. Only 7 more weeks to go until my store reopens. YAY!

The kids had their birthdays over the summer. Baby girl got her kittens and Buddy got his video camera. The video camera was such a good deal. I thought my whole budget for his bday was going to go towards his video camera, but actually it only cost me $50 brand new. I walked into the store and walked past the electronics department. I notice they had a Flip camera on clearance. It was on sale for $95. Their clearance sale took an additional 40% off, bringing it down to $60. Since they only had the demo model left, they knocked $10 off the final price. When I got home I looked it up. It is the Flip Ultra 3rd Generation (newest model) and on Amazon it goes for $350 dollars. That is a savings of 85%. Baby girl's kittens were rescues. She was only supposed to get one, but she has daddy wrapped around her finger and she got a brother and sister pair. Honestly it was for the best to get both because with everyone in school, they spend a lot of time alone. They have each other so they don't get lonely for the few hours they have to be left alone.

This blog will more than likely be talked about by my siblings. I hear they're spreading their usual lies and rumors. I don't know why, but I do know I am not going to engage them anymore. I've moved on with my life, I hope someday they move on with theirs. The kids in my family (yes me included) were seriously fucked up by our parents. Dad screwed up my brother and one of my sisters, my mom messed up the other. these kids were their "favorites". I was the child no one wanted. After hearing it from multiple sources, I know why I was unwanted. My oldest brother said it first, then it was my moms friend (who was an aunt to me and now is no one) but apparently I am the product of a rape. My father raped my mother in one of his drunken rages, and she got pregnant with me. She never wanted me. It's taken me 32 years, but I finally can say that I did nothing to deserve the hatred she showed me while growing up. I always thought I was not good enough, when really, it was my parents who were lacking.

Well that's it for now. I've done my blog update, and my personal mini-therapy session all in one. Hope you all have a blessed week. I'll update again as soon as I can. School and work and two active kids keep me really busy.

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