Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Holidays

Thanksgiving is coming up. I will actually have it off for the first time in years. I have the day all planned out. Up bright and early at 5 am to start getting the turkey ready. I'll be baking pies all week (I plan on giving some out to co-workers and neighbors). We'll be buying a real tree this year, we will most likely be decorating it on Thanksgiving. We've been stashing money all year for Christmas. I'm super excited, but even more than that, the kids will be super excited. It's been 3 years since we've been able to do Christmas properly, and now we've finally gotten into a position where we can.

Along with the Holidays, comes the family stress. I have tried to tell people that I don't care what my family says anymore, but they like to stir the pot. Apparently I am still "lying" about my family. Whatever. Listen, I have nothing to be ashamed of, I have never lied, if my family wanted to keep the skeletons in the closet, they should never have lied about me. I hate when people say shit that isn't true. I have NEVER lied about my family, the truth is always more fun. Too bad they can't get that through their thick skulls. Oh well.

The kids are doing awesome. Buddy broke his wrist at the end of September, then I pulled my ACL a week later. It's still not healed and L&I seems to be dragging their feet. I can't stand on it for long periods of time without it hurting. It never feels stable, and frankly I wish they would just fix it one way or another. I am going on two months of the damn injury and it's driving me nuts. :( Buddy got his cast off on Halloween... lucky kid. Well, that's it for now. I know not much, but I got promoted two weeks ago and got put into a brand new store, so while we've been working out the kinks (seriously, the store only opened two weeks ago) my boss and I have been pulling LONG days and longer weeks. ( She's had more days off than me though).

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Change is a coming

New quarter of school starts in one week. Yay! A lot of changes have happened in just 6 months time. After being homeless for two years, I got an apartment. My family and I finally have some security. My husband is going to his fifth quarter of school while I am entering my seventh quarter.

Work is going good. I am working all over right now. I got a promotion in July, then my store was closed for a complete rebuild. Unfortunately the position I held at my old store was already filled so they made me a book floater. Basically means I go to all the stores and do their books when they need me to. Only 7 more weeks to go until my store reopens. YAY!

The kids had their birthdays over the summer. Baby girl got her kittens and Buddy got his video camera. The video camera was such a good deal. I thought my whole budget for his bday was going to go towards his video camera, but actually it only cost me $50 brand new. I walked into the store and walked past the electronics department. I notice they had a Flip camera on clearance. It was on sale for $95. Their clearance sale took an additional 40% off, bringing it down to $60. Since they only had the demo model left, they knocked $10 off the final price. When I got home I looked it up. It is the Flip Ultra 3rd Generation (newest model) and on Amazon it goes for $350 dollars. That is a savings of 85%. Baby girl's kittens were rescues. She was only supposed to get one, but she has daddy wrapped around her finger and she got a brother and sister pair. Honestly it was for the best to get both because with everyone in school, they spend a lot of time alone. They have each other so they don't get lonely for the few hours they have to be left alone.

This blog will more than likely be talked about by my siblings. I hear they're spreading their usual lies and rumors. I don't know why, but I do know I am not going to engage them anymore. I've moved on with my life, I hope someday they move on with theirs. The kids in my family (yes me included) were seriously fucked up by our parents. Dad screwed up my brother and one of my sisters, my mom messed up the other. these kids were their "favorites". I was the child no one wanted. After hearing it from multiple sources, I know why I was unwanted. My oldest brother said it first, then it was my moms friend (who was an aunt to me and now is no one) but apparently I am the product of a rape. My father raped my mother in one of his drunken rages, and she got pregnant with me. She never wanted me. It's taken me 32 years, but I finally can say that I did nothing to deserve the hatred she showed me while growing up. I always thought I was not good enough, when really, it was my parents who were lacking.

Well that's it for now. I've done my blog update, and my personal mini-therapy session all in one. Hope you all have a blessed week. I'll update again as soon as I can. School and work and two active kids keep me really busy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I have 6 quarters of school under my belt

... And it feels great! This quarter I am taking two more classes online. As we only have one vehicle it will make things easier for me to get school work done, get the kids to and from school (we have to drive them and pick them up as well) and still go to work full time. My GPA isn't super high, but it's decent, almost a 3.0, I am having issues with my Spanish class, but maybe I should drop it all together and finish my ASL instead? I don't know. We'll see how it goes. I am NOT going after my nursing degree anymore, solely because my heart really isn't in it. I've always been a good writer, and while waiting for required classes to open I took some creative writing classes. I gained a 4.0 and a 3.8 in both and my instructor advised me to switch my major as she could tell I had a love of writing. So, now I am going for my AA in liberal arts as an English Major. I am going to purchase Rosetta Stone for two languages, Spanish and Russian, and get my teaching degree instead of my nursing degree. I won't make a lot of money as a teacher, but it will still be triple what I make now, so that makes it ok. Besides, Hubby is going for Masters in Computer Science, he can make all the money. :) I should be done with my reqs by the end of spring and able to graduate in June with my AA. I can't wait.

Friday, August 31, 2012

President Obama, I support you.

I support President Obama. I have my reasons. But I have to open this to Mitt Romney as well.

Mitt, America is my country, I was born here, I don't question whether or not my President was born here, but I DO question the person who is running for President what they have to hide when they REFUSE to share more than 2 years of tax returns with the country. Your own father said that two years could be a fluke and that anyone not willing to release at least ten years worth of tax returns has something to hide. George Romney would be ASHAMED to call you his son. And to try and USE your wife's illnesses as a way to gain sympathy is ridiculous. For Shame Romney.

By the way, America is NOT a business, we are a country! You are claiming you are going to run this country like a business, you mean like those businesses you closed down and sent good American jobs overseas? Yeah that is NOT what this country needs. We need to tax companies for sending jobs overseas, and companies need to start providing AFFORDABLE insurance for their employees. Why do I have to pay $400 a month to cover my family with health insurance when I only make $1600 a month? How am I supposed to support a family of four on only $1200 a month?

You and Ryan are completely out to lunch. It is to bad you have never gotten a real dose of reality in your life. You back-pedal worse than Lindsey Lohan on a good day. That's ok though, Mr. Romney, because the American people can see through your lies and falsehoods, down to the real you, the one not right for running a business, let alone our great country. Even if I had a gun to my head to not vote Obama, I still wouldn't vote for you. I'd write in a vote... better yet, I'd vote for Roseanne Barr before I would EVER vote for you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I don't have to stalk people when they give information to my friends

Apparently my older brother who's "gay" and has "AIDS" and is "dying" has posted a blog about me. Awww, how sweet. Apparently I stalk him and don't have a GED or go to school now while working full time, and I'm a liar and deceptive and filled with venom and hate for him. Awww, sorry bro, but whoever reads your blog doesn't know the real you, or the fact that you're a convicted child molester, or the fact that you stole money from your dying mother's bank account because you and dad have the same name and his name was still attached to the account AFTER he died. I bet you thought the money was rightfully yours as you are the "oldest" son of dad's, which is a lie. Why is it a lie? Because dad had three other son's besides you, Jimmy and the twins (with another woman). Or at least this is what I have been told by dad (before he died) and his family and mom too. Go ahead call your dead parents liars, I dare you.

I do not falsely claim to be working on my BSN, I am in school now for my Pre-nursing degree at Pierce College in Washington. Once I obtain that I will apply for every ADN (that's an Associates Degree in Nursing in case you're wondering) program in the state of Washington. After I complete that I will apply for every BSN (Bachelors of Science and Nursing FYI) in the country. My grades are good, not great, but hey I work full-time and am raising two kids with my husband, and yes we were legally married by our pastor and friend at City of Light Community Church in Federal Way WA. I don't have to lie about things that are true. I don't ask for help anymore, my so-called siblings and aunt cured me of that. I rely only on my husband and myself to get where I am going. after I asked them for help, they go around spreading lies about me telling people who I thought were friends just enough to make them (my sibs and aunt) look like angels and me look like a conniving, evil bitch who spews venom and hate.

The sad thing is, I don't hate them, I feel pity for them. They feel they have to lie to cover up the bad things they do so they can hopefully make people see them as really good people. I'm the black sheep because I didn't spend my life sponging off of my parents (as if they would have had anything to offer me after three of my sibs drained them dry) and because I won't buy into their bull-shit. Oh well, God knows what's in everyone's heart, and I don't have to worry about me, I just will continue to pray for my siblings and aunt and hope they find God soon. Life is too short to waste on trash, that's why I choose not to worry about them. I only wrote this blog to set the record straight. I do not lie because I don't have to.

So Larry, if you're reading this, stop lying to people about your condition, even your sister Sue said that IF you actually have HIV you've only had it a couple of years. Matty said you refused to have safe sex with him (that's the guy you were abusive with) and I can validate my education with grades and transcripts, can you? I want all of you to leave me alone and stop spreading lies about me. I do hear about it from other people you know. I don't have to stalk anyone's blog to find out. I don't even follow your sisters blog anymore, because none of you are worth wasting my time over. I'll live my life, you go live what's left of yours.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Married Life

I can't believe how much married life has changed me. I am so much more aware of my loving husband. He is so much more affectionate. Oh my goodness it has been awesome these last two months. I'm crazy scared that I know I will lose him one day (there is a 21 year age difference) and I just know I will be completely devastated. I just know that I am going to cherish every loving moment I have with him the God is willing to give us. It only took us 14 years to come to this point, I am all for a long term relationship before marriage, it just works out.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Things are looking up!

In less than four days I will be moving my family out of the crummy hotel and into a decent apartment. And in 12 days, I will be marrying the love of my life. So much to do and so little time to do it in. I stopped blogging for a while because my sibs were stalking my blog and telling friends I had known for a long time that I was crazy. I let those go that decided to believe them over me and kept those that knew me better than that. This is my blog, my therapy, my life. Now that they don't have mommy and daddy to take advantage of, they're looking to cause trouble. They have people I was very close to totally snowed. Not my loss, it's theirs. I'm happy now and they're pissed because I've gotten over being their family. They're pissed because I'm standing on my own two feet and I don't need them. My fiance and I are so happy. It's been a long time coming but we're making the right decision for our family. Only three people will be missing from the wedding, my new brother David, My niece Katrina, and my new sister Carol. If I can I will post pics of the wedding and new apartment soon. School is also keeping me from blogging as much. I am doing ok there.