Monday, February 25, 2013

Well I fucked up for my graduation in June

I had to drop my required math class this quarter because I was falling behind in it. With all the essay's I had to write for my English class and for my Spanish class, I fell way too far behind in my math. Sigh. So hopefully I can graduate at the end of fall, but it means I will have to wait to walk in June next year. However, It gives me time to complete the extra English classes for a special certification that will give me a boost when I apply for UW Bachelor of English program.

Hubby changed his major as well. I quit my job with Jackson's back in January because I wasn't getting the time off to go to school. I have another job and now Hubby has a job too. So now we have two incomes coming in. It's good to have the help. I don't feel like everything is up to me to accomplish alone anymore.

I am going to take the summer off from classes. I need a break from school. I've been so stressed about graduating that I have spent some time in the pit of depression. I need to re-focus my life, and I need some time off from school. It'll get better... and I will graduate. When I do I will post pictures and the video from the ceremony.